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Common Air Conditioner & Home Cooling Problems


In the heat of summer, having home air conditioning that cools your house properly is a crucial thing to have for every home. This is especially true in Arkansas, where the heat index reaches well beyond 100° during the peak of summer. Here at Kennedy Air Conditioning of Greater Little Rock, AR, we want you to understand some common air conditioner problems and a few of the simple ways to keep your A/C unit(s) functioning to keep you and your family cool through the summer months.

The most common AC problems people experience are the result of improper operation of the unit or system. It is easy to put too much strain on air conditioners by leaving them on while windows or doors are left open, as the cool air is allowed to escape and the unit must constantly work harder to maintain a lower temperature. First, make sure that all doors and windows are completely closed when you turn on the AC. Inside, you can maximize the efficiency of your AC and its ability to cool an area quickly by isolating rooms—that is, close off large open areas if possible, or individual rooms, to allow those smaller areas to cool down. Cooling individual rooms requires less work for the unit or system and makes it much less likely to quit from overuse.

Electrical failures of AC units as a result of strain on the unit is also a common problem. If your AC quits, you should first check the fuses or circuit breakers in your home, and let the unit sit for several minutes before resetting them. Also, many AC units have high-pressure trip switches that activate when the unit’s compressor is over-strained during high heat levels. This switch can be manually reset after the unit stops and cools down.

Faulty installation and poor service are also common causes of home AC problems. If you are having a new AC unit or system installed, it is extremely important to make sure that the person or company you hire is qualified for proper installation. Many people experience problems caused by leaks from faulty insulation installation and use of inadequate refrigerant. When you are looking to hire someone to install or repair your AC, make sure you ask for documentation that they are an HVAC professional (or with an accredited company) and will thoroughly check electrical terminals and duct seals, use a refrigerant leak detector, and verify use of proper refrigerant. A professional HVAC technician will also measure for proper air flow and will check the accuracy of thermostats. If your AC does have a leak, an HVAC professional should fix the leak, test the repair, and properly recharge the unit with refrigerant.

If your AC goes out this summer, or you have any questions or issues with your heating and air, be sure to call the qualified HVAC technicians at Kennedy Air Conditioning to get your AC working properly and safely again!

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13 juin 2018

Good read here. I like how you shared some issues that can cause air conditioning problems that aren't normally mentioned when discussing this topic: Improper operation and faulty installation/poor services by the service crew is often overlooked but can be reasons for issues! Thanks for stopping by our website and sharing your thoughts as well.

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