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How do you balance the comfort of your employees and the energy cost concerns of your accountant at the same time?

Perhaps you’ve considered HVAC controls systems in the past, but you’ve heard they’re only for large homes and companies with deep pockets? Well, think again.

For many years now, Kennedy Air Conditioning has offered customized HVAC controls systems to small and medium-size businesses and facilities. Time and time again, our controls systems have provided state-of-the-art HVAC comfort, reliability, and convenience at the click of a mouse, while conserving our customers’ energy dollars.

We can increase the comfort level in all areas of your complex while, by using the demand-limiting and load-shedding capabilities of our configurable controllers, lowering your utility bills by as much as 25 percent.

Honeywell WEBsAXTM is a family of building information solutions with scalable architecture based on industry-standard protocols and services. WEBs provides one facility management and control system for heating, ventilating, cooling, lighting, access control, and power metering without added software. The entire system is Internet-based, so all you need to access the system is an Internet browser.

And WEBs is amazingly flexible:

  • Because of its open design, WEBs technology provides integration capability to almost any manufacturer’s product that includes standard LON, BACnet or Modbus communication capabilities.

  • With the WEBsAX open integrated system, you can choose from a collection of best-of-class products to suit your building needs.

  • Furthermore, WEBs is designed for change — you can easily reconfigure a workspace, move a department, or make other changes and know that your facility can change as quickly as your business does.


Honeywell’s Web-Enabled Building Solutions™: State-of-the-art. Flexible. Affordable.

Whatever your energy management needs, call 501.834.2665 or Contact Us Here.

Some of our energy management installations include:


  • First United Methodist Church – North Little Rock

  • New Life Church – Maumelle

  • American Interplex Laboratories – Little Rock

  • National Bank of Arkansas – Little Rock, North Little Rock, Maumelle, Conway

  • Aon Building – Little Rock

  • Wildwood Properties – Sherwood

  • Lifeway Baptist Church – Little Rock

  • Lewis Elliott McMorran Vadan Architects – Little Rock

  • Asbury United Methodist Church – Little Rock

  • Dyke Industries – Little Rock

  • Arkansas National Guard



Whether a LEED certified energy manager or the office admin monitors your system, we customize graphics to your unique needs. After all, an energy management control system only works well if it is easy for your personnel  to understand and use.

We also customize what goes under the hood.  We install direct-wire and wireless, or a combination of the two. In addition to HVAC controls with alarm, trend and reporting capabilities, we integrate lighting panels, utility meters and other third-party controls.

We integrate many brands, such as ABB, Badger, Carel, Carrier, Delta, Desert-Aire, E-Mon D-Mon, Frontier, Honeywell, Johnson, Lennox, Schneider, Trane, Valent, Veris, Wattmaster and more.

So that you don’t have to throw away the working parts of an old system , we often integrate legacy controllers. This enables you to finish upgrading your system as individual controllers fail – much easier on your budget than replacing the entire system at one time.

We also service many brands of controls systems, such as ASI, Carrier CCN, Johnson, Solidyne, and Trane.


What do you want to control today?

We have provided controls systems for water source heat pumps with either geothermal loop or closed loop system utilizing cooling tower, spray pumps and boiler, as well as VAV, VVT, and conventional Dx

Tight Temperature and Humidity Control  Using Johnson, Honeywell and Third Party Controllers, With Crowd Flow, Meetings, and Events Throughout the Building:

We averaged wireless sensors to provide humidity control within 2 percent and temperature control within 2 degrees F (often trending tighter control than the standards). We integrated Honeywell unitary controllers and Carrier chillers on a four-pipe system via a Lon network , plant control, and Johnson on an N2 network on a two-pipe system so that the Tridium Niagara GUI/HMI (graphics interface) is seamless — a building operator is unable to tell one brand’s graphics page from another’s.

Custom Configurable Honeywell Spyder Controls and Wall Modules, with Third-Party Drives and DOAS with Geothermal Loop, over Lon, I/O, Modbus TCP/IP, and Modbus RTU networks:

We integrated Honeywell configurable controllers and configurable wall modules to control Climatemaster heat pumps. We managed demand building ventilation with a custom damper system  and two Desert-Aire dedicated outside air units. Badger flow meters and ABB variable speed drives drove the loop on a Lon network. We monitored and trended water and gas usage on a Lon network, while we controlling exterior lights and monitoring interior lighting from a Schneider G3 smart lighting panel  and monitoring electrical usage on Schneider electric submeters via a Modbus MS/TP network. In addition, we monitored operation of a Kohler generator and scheduled its exercise time via a Modbus TCP/IP network.

Closed Loop Systems:

In a mid-size office building, we provided control, alarms, and trending for more than 150 heat pumps plus the water tower, spray pumps, VFDs and boiler in the physical plant, as well as adding load shed capabilities.

For a theater, we control, monitor and alarm water-source heat pumps, as well as its water tower, spray pumps, VFDs and boiler in the physical plant.

Bacnet Custom Package Unit Serving Six Zones Plus Lon VVT System:

We scheduled and monitored a custom Lennox unit over a Bacnet backbone, as well as a VVT system for the rest of the complex via a Lon network.

Custom Server Room:

We provide a customized, totally redundant application for a stand-alone server room.

Flow Hood Control on the Fly:

We engineered controls so that a laboratory is able to tweak its flow hood operation on the fly.


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