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Kennedy Air Conditioning

HVACR License Number: 145636
8412 Highway 107 Sherwood, AR 72120


Your indoor comfort system isn’t working today?
Call Kennedy’s for a speedy diagnosis and fast repair.

We charge a small diagnostics fee and let you know what the repairs will cost before we start, so there are no surprises. If you want even fewer surprises in the future, invest in our economical residential service agreement.

Our team of trained service specialists’ first concern is your comfort. Whether it is servicing your units for the season or making repairs, we take old-fashioned pride in the way we perform our work — while using the most advanced diagnostic techniques. Kennedy Air Conditioning’s service personnel are not only trained in the repair and maintenance of your systems but are also capable of evaluating your entire heating and cooling needs and can make recommendations on any replacement or upgrade that you may require.

Before you call us, you may want to check your thermostat to be certain it is set in the proper position or modes for operation. Also, is the power to the unit turned on? If a breaker is tripped, reset it; if it trips again, you need to call us. And when was the last time you changed or cleaned your return air filters? By answering these questions, you may solve the problem yourself.

Kennedy Air Conditioning uses flat-rate pricing because we believe it is the most equitable, accurate method to charge for repairs, and it gives our customers control of the service call from beginning to end. When you contact us, we’ll tell you exactly how much it will cost to come to your home or business and diagnose the problem. Once we have discovered what needs to be done, we’ll quote you a firm price for the repair. This upfront repair price includes labor, parts, and miscellaneous materials, if any. The quote is based on a regional average of the cost of parts and how long it should take a fully qualified technician with the latest diagnostic tools to make the repair. You can feel confident that the price we quote will not change, regardless of the parts or time that may be necessary to repair your indoor comfort system. Furthermore, if you are enrolled in one of our maintenance agreements, you will receive a discount off the standard price of a service call.

Routine maintenance is an important part of keeping your system working at peak performance. With a maintenance agreement, twice a year our technician will inspect and clean the blower wheel and motor as well as clean the outdoor coil. He will inspect the drain pan and lines. He will check electrical wiring and connections, as well as physical connections of individual components and the operation of the units. Often such routine maintenance is a necessary part of maintaining a normal or extended warranty on your equipment — check your individual warranty for details. A seasonal tuneup can also help you save money on your electric and repair bills, as this Cooperative Extension Service tips sheet explains. (remember to close the page to return to Kennedy Air Conditioning)

We are participating in NATE certification to ensure that our technicians meet its stringent standards of excellence. North American Technician Excellence is a coalition that represents the entire HVAC/R industry, and NATE certification represents a level of verified technician knowledge. Visit NATE for a complete explanation of NATE certification and to read its consumer tips. (Close the NATE window as you finish to return to this page.)

From the moment you first contact Kennedy Air Conditioning, our goal is that you will be totally satisfied with our service.

Call (501) 834-2665, or e-mail our service representative Maurie Wilkie for an appointment that fits your schedule.


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