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Lennox is an industry leader in quality and innovation since 1895, continually striving to create indoor comfort products that make your home or office a better place. Engineered with exclusive SilentComfort™ Technology, Lennox home comfort systems keep you comfortable while keeping sound to a minimum. And they’re efficient, too.

Check out Lennox’s SunSource™ Home Energy System. The SunSource™ system uses solar energy to generate electricity for heating and cooling your home. It can even provide enough electricity to power your lights and appliances and more. The SunSource™ system is expandable, affordable and remarkably uncomplicated.

A solar-ready Lennox heat pump or air conditioner is eligible for a tax credit please click here for more information on rebates and tax credits.

Lennox has a long history of quality and innovation. Back in 1895, Ernest Bryant and Ezra Smith came to the Lennox Machine Shop in Marshalltown, Iowa. They asked Dave Lennox to help them make iron castings for a riveted steel furnace. When the two inventors were unable to pay, Dave took over their patents, reworked and improved their original plans, and began building the first Lennox furnaces. These quickly became popular, but Dave sold out in 1904 to a group of local businessmen so he could pursue his original plans to manufacture heavy tools. D.W. Norris, one of the local businessman, bought the remaining two-thirds of the Lennox stock from his partners after World War I. In the early 1920s, Norris built a warehouse and factory in Syracuse, New York, and the operation began to grow nationwide.

Norris’ son John, a young engineering graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, became a salesman in the new Syracuse factory. Interested in developing new products, he designed plans to put blowers on furnaces so warm air could be pushed through longer pipes to heat larger homes and buildings. Unable to convince his father of the need for this new-fangled idea, he teamed up with another engineer, F.H. Whitcombe, to further develop this concept, along with the technologies involved in sizing pipes and registers for the new system. By the end of the 1930s, John Norris had become the top warm-air heating engineer in the country and Lennox was the world’s largest manufacturer of forced warm-air heating systems.

At the end of the 1930s, Lennox developed the “Stowaway” furnace, the first forced-air furnace designed to be installed in an attic or crawlspace. In 1940, Lennox built a new factory in Columbus, Ohio. In 1948, branches were established in Decatur, Fort Worth, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles, and Lennox became an international name. In 1950, Lennox developed the first residential perimeter heating distribution system. Seeing a bright future in residential cooling, Lennox began to sell a 3-ton water-cooled air conditioner in 1952. In the 1960s, the company debuted the Duracurve® heat exchanger, a major breakthrough in the search for answers to noise problems in gas furnaces. Lennox also produced the first packaged direct multizone rooftop heating/cooling units, used on offices, libraries, retail stores, factories, churches, and apartments.

In cooperation with the American Gas Association and Gas Research Institute in the mid ’70s, Lennox developed a commercial pulse combustion furnace. The first Pulse furnaces rolled off the production line in 1982 and, throughout the ’80s, Lennox received numerous awards from private industry, as well as state and federal government. In 1984, the Lennox HS14 PowerSaver became the first air conditioner to achieve a 15.0 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. In 1986, Lennox became the first HVAC manufacturer to offer a limited lifetime warranty — on the Pulse furnace.

Today, the Lennox spirit of innovation continues. Lennox is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with sales offices located throughout the United States and Canada. Engineered with advanced technology, Lennox home comfort systems and commercial systems still deliver superior levels of comfort, efficiency, reliability, and performance — in fact, the Dave Lennox Signature™ Collection offers the quietest systems on the market.

Lennox Product Lines:

The Signature Collection-

THe Signature Collection offers Lennox’s most efficient furnace, featuring SilentComfort™ technology.  The companion air conditioner is the quietest you can buy, and it delivers a superior level of comfort.

Pure Air™-

Almost nothing gets past the PureAir™ air purification system.  When you install a PureAir system, you’ll not only breath cleaner air, but you’ll also breath a sigh of relief.


Engineered with advanced technology, Lennox home comfort systems and commercial system deliver superior levels of comfort, reliability and performance.


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