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10 Ways to Naturally Cool Down Your Home

With hot temperatures quickly approaching, it's essential to know how you will cool down your home during those sun-kissed summer days. While the trusty air conditioner is a staple choice for people who want to cool down their homes, natural alternatives can do the trick.

Here are ten ways to naturally cool down your home:

  • Prepare your Attic

If you live in a home with an attic, it will be the main culprit for bringing heat into the house. If you keep your attic cool, the rest of your house will follow!

One way to keep your attic cool is by insulating your attic. This way, you can lower the amount of heat that enters the attic and prevent any heat from going into your home below.

  • Close your blinds

Up to 30 percent of unwanted heat originates from your windows. Closing your curtains can block out all that heat and lower temperatures significantly. The most effective curtains for blocking out heat are blackout curtains.

  • Close unused rooms

By closing off unused rooms, you can prevent cool air from going into those areas during the day. This means that the cool air will be dedicated to the rooms you are using throughout the day.

  • Hack a fan

If you own a fan, you can put a large mixing bowl of ice in front of it. You can get the ice into a misty state and bring a cool breeze into the house from it.

  • Use cotton bedsheets

Cotton bedsheets breathe easier than textiles like flannel and fleece blankets, meaning they will keep you cool during those hot summer nights!

  • Heatproof your bed

By putting a frozen water bottle at the foot of your bed, you can keep yourself warm during the night, as the bottle's temperature will keep your feet cold. This will lower your overall body temperature.

  • Open your windows at night

If you live somewhere where temperatures drop at night, make good use of this! By cracking your windows open before bed, you can make sure the cool air fills out your house in time for the morning.

  • Switch out your lightbulbs

If your lights are incandescent, they emit 90% of their energy on heat. Comparatively, compact fluorescent lights emit much less heat and will keep your house cooler.

  • Cook outdoors

Using the oven or stove when you're in the kitchen will increase the temperature well after cooking your food! If you can, switch to grilling on an outdoor barbeque to save the hassle of unwanted heat.

  • Unplug appliances you don’t use

Electronics generate heat even when they're not being used, making your house even hotter. However, you can efficiently cool your home down by unplugging unused appliances when you don't need them.


There are plenty of options for cooling down your home naturally. However, if you follow all these top tips, you can significantly decrease the heat of your house without spending too much on more expensive solutions like air conditioning!

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