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A/C Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Summer Sailing Smoothly


This time of year usually means lemonade, shaved ice, and more time for family vacations. While these things sound nice, don’t forget to add in the heat factor, and lots of it.

Southern summers shouldn’t be taken lightly when it comes to your air conditioning. Nothing ruins good summer fun more than a broken air conditioner in Arkansas heat. Of course, there are simple steps you can take to avoid an A/C scare during the scorching summer months.

Likely if you’re caught with a serious problem, such as your A/C unit blowing hot air instead of cold, or not blowing any air at all, you’ll need to call in an expert, such as Kennedy Air Conditioning of the greater Little Rock area. However, there are some simple tips and tricks you can take in the meantime to ensure that you’re keeping everything in top shape:

  1. Check for pests. Most likely you don’t think of the central air unit as a nesting ground for bugs, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. These creatures can be harmful to the system, so rely on eco-friendly pesticide to ensure that if they are nearby, you can safely ensure they won’t stay long.

  2. Work with a programmable thermostat. Make sure to keep the levels at a higher temperature at night or when you’re absent from your space. This can help to reduce energy costs and lower the summer’s demands on your system.

  3. Make sure you’re still level. Over time, the concrete slab or surface underneath your outdoor A/C unit can warp. Make sure this surface stays level, and your A/C unit should continue with great performance levels.

  4. Maximize Air Flow. For the A/C unit to work properly, airflow needs to work through recirculation. The vents, both indoor and outdoor, should be clean and free from obstruction to prevent blocked air paths.

These tips, along with ensuring that your unit receives regular maintenance check-ups, will keep you and your family sailing smoothly through the hotter months, and year-round.

Have any another questions? Contact Kennedy AC, serving Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, Benton, Bryant and surrounding areas in Central Arkansas!

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