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Home Energy Saving Tips for the Winter


As the temperature continues to drop, the cooler weather brings more beautiful fall colors to the trees. The beauty of the Natural State is not one to miss during the small window of changing leaf hues: bright oranges, fiery reds, and even gold.

Beyond offering a beautiful respite from the heat and a nature photographer’s dream for autumn-colored landscapes, the change in temperature can only mean one thing –winter is coming. Winter often means higher energy bills, but this year, you can help keep your energy costs down by checking out the following suggestions.

Pay attention to your windows. You’ll want to cover any drafty leaks with a clear plastic weather sealing sheet, or place weather sealing tape on the inside of your window frames. A tight seal is sure to help reduce leaks. Also, insulating drapes and shades can help windows that are especially tricky to seal.

Don’t stop with the windows. Check other places for leaks, like near gaps around chimneys or doors. Often, recessed lights can be a source of leaks as well as unfinished spaces behind closets.

Remember, during the day you’ll want to take advantage of the sun and open the curtains that receive the most natural light. You can close these when you get home.

Speaking of being at home, always adjust the temperature. When there, have the thermostat as low as possible that is comfortable. If leaving, turn the thermostat back 10 to fifteen degrees. To make it easier on yourself and your busy schedule, you might consider a programmable thermostat if you don’t already have one.

Pay attention to your fireplace, as heat loss is rampant there. Keep the damper closed unless there is a fire burning. Adding caulking around the fireplace hearth is a good idea, as well as checking the seal on the fireplace flue damper.

By checking these areas in your home and keeping your thermostat in check, you can cut down those high bills. As always, if any trouble arises with your heating unit don’t hesitate to contact Kennedy Air Conditioning. We work around the clock to ensure that you’re ready for whatever crazy weather Arkansas throws your way next!

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