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How to Prevent Condensation on Your AC Ducts

One of the most common issues with ducts in air conditioning units is condensation or 'sweating.' The main culprit for this issue is a stark temperature difference between the air and the AC vent. However, condensation can occur for many reasons, such as excess air moisture, dirty filters, and clogged ducts.

Another issue that may be exacerbating the condensation is a malfunction in the condensate drain systems. Condensate drain systems act to collect all of the moisture from the air and dispose of it. If your condensate tube is clogged, this may be another reason why your AC ducts are leaking.

By any means, there are several key steps we have compiled to ensure your AC ducts stop condensation:

Step 1 – Identify the Cause

Carefully open up your AC system and look for these key things: Clogged ducts, dirty air filters, a clogged condensate tube, a leaking drip tray, or a thawing evaporator coil. If any of these are the case in your AC system, they could definitely be the cause of the condensation in your AC duct.

If you have clogged or dirty materials, clean out your AC system carefully and leave it to dry. Once your air conditioning unit is in spick-and-span condition, you should have no more condensation.

If you can't see any of these things in your unit, consider the climate of the room your faulty unit is situated in. It is often because extremely insulated rooms will make your room more humid. Once the temperature changes, the air inside your unit will cool down and release moisture and condensation.

If it's not the case that there is a problem with your actual AC unit that you can attend to, there is another solution you can adopt.

Step 2 – Wrap your Ductwork

You can buy a wrap known as 'duct wrap,' which is commonly used to fix a sweating AC duct. Duct wrap is perfect for stopping condensation due to its inner foam layer and foil outer layer, allowing for optimum insulation.

To apply the duct wrap, simply just wrap it around the AC and fasten it with duct tapes around the joints. Once you have done that, turn your AC unit on to see if everything is running smoothly and uninterrupted. You should no longer have any condensation issues once the duct wrap is applied!


Condensation is a common problem that plenty of AC units run into. Unfortunately, since there are a variety of causes for condensation, there isn't necessarily one solution that will get to the root of any condensation issues. Nonetheless, you can fix most problems with condensation by cleaning your unit.

If your unit is already in tip-top condition and you fear there may be something else causing the condensation, such as the insulation in your room, simply use duct wrap to fix your unit! By wrapping duct wrap around the duct, you will be sure to insulate it and stop any moisture from producing, removing the condensation.

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