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Musty Air Conditioner and How to Fix it

Strange and musty odors are common in air conditioners if they are not regularly cleaned. The smell is caused by air conditioning systems trapping tiny particles in the unit. This leads to mildew growth, which causes that odd smell to come out of your air conditioner.

The most common culprits for trapping particles in your air conditioning unit are filters and drain lines. If your filter is dirty and jammed up, it will build up mildew and produce a smell. The same occurs for clogged drain lines, as they cannot perform their usual function of removing the condensation from the coils. This mixture of moisture and particles leads to that nasty mildew growth!

Here are the actions for disposing of that musty smell:

Disassembling Your Unit:

Before you do anything else, make sure you move your air conditioning unit to a place where it will remain secure during the cleaning process. That way, you won’t risk damaging anything.

Your next step is to remove the outer case that shows the fans, coil, and compressor. Make sure to take good care when doing this not to cause damage any damage. Blow any compressed air away from a distance to ensure that no internal components get damaged in the process.

Cleaning the Unit:

Find a brush or a small piece of cloth so that you can clean any of the dust particles from the front and back of your air conditioning unit.

Then, use any safe cleaning solution to clean out the vent and the duct, taking care not to apply too much pressure. Once you have done this, clear out your cleaning solution with water.

Flush the drip tray so that you can clear off any remaining debris, again taking care not to apply too much pressure.

Drying Your Unit:

It is essential that you leave your air conditioning unit to dry for a couple of hours after cleaning it. Since mildew is built up from moisture, you want to ensure that your air conditioning unit is completely dry before using it again.

Do not reassemble the unit until it is completely dry, as you don’t want to risk trapping any moisture in the unit, potentially causing unnecessary extra damage. Once your unit is completely dry, you should be good to go!


Removing a musty smell from your AC is a relatively simple process. As long as you take good care, you should come into no issues with your repair.

Make sure you dispose of all the dust and debris after disassembling your product, making sure not to add too much pressure. Then, leave your unassembled unit to dry so that it does not retain any moisture and cause extra problems. Once the unit is completely dry, it’s good to be reassembled!

Once your unit is reassembled, you can go back to having your AC pumping out clean and odorless air, with no need to worry about that musty smell!

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