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The 5 Sounds to Listen for When Your Running Your AC System this Spring and Summer

With Spring just a few weeks away it won’t be long before we’re turning on our air conditioners again, and many homeowners in Central Arkansas might be noticing a new noise coming from when they switch it back on. Odd noises coming from your air conditioner can be a frustrating problem, especially when it happens during the hot summer months. However, not all sounds indicate the same issue, and knowing which noises require AC repair can save you from further damage to your HVAC system. Here are five common noises to be aware of and their potential causes:


This sound suggests there may be a loose part within your heating and cooling system, such as a screw, or your system’s fan, or something is debris like twigs or leaves that have gotten into the outdoor condenser unit. It could also indicate that your compressor motor is dying.


While some air conditioners emit a high-pitched squeal when they first start up, if you notice a sound different from what you're used to, it’s likely a sign that something is off with your system’s normal operations. The squealing or screeching could point to a malfunctioning AC motor or blower wheel, which will require the attention of a professional technician.


Although it's common for heating and cooling systems to click when turning on or off, constant or louder than usual clicking could suggest an electrical malfunction. Your system is made up of many different electrical components Ignoring so this issue has the potential to affect other areas of your system so it’s not something you want to ignore so it's recommended to call an experienced air conditioning technician right away to avoid the risk of further damage to your system.


This sound can be caused by various issues, ranging from a loose part, dirty air filters, or sticks and leaves caught in the outdoor condenser unit. Sometimes this is also caused by a refrigerant leak or dirty condenser coil. Some of these causes are more serious than others. You can change your air filter and spray down your condenser with a garden hose (DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER) but if neither of those work it’s time to have a technician diagnose and repair the issue.


A banging noise usually indicates a loose or broken part within your AC system, such as a rod, piston, or crankshaft from the compressor motor. If the noise sounds like a loud banding or thudding, it's recommended to turn off your HVAC system immediately to avoid further damage and call a professional service technician.

If you're experiencing any of these noises, it's best to contact a trusted HVAC repair company like Kennedy AC. With over 50 years of experience, their team of professionals can diagnose and find a solution to the issue disrupting your air conditioning system. They also offer regular tune-up services that can prevent strange sounds from occurring in the first place. Call (501) 506-2016 to contact Kennedy AC for service and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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