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What sets Carrier apart from the rest?

At Kennedy Air Conditioning, Inc., we strive to provide the best service when it comes to your HVAC needs. Your health and comfort are of paramount concern to us, as well as our ability to pass good value for HVAC systems to you, the consumer. For these reasons, we carry the highest quality products from the best companies in the business.

Carrier heating and cooling systems is a company that truly sets itself apart from the rest. Carrier is an industry leader, and its products are top-notch. Here are some of the main reasons why Carrier is perhaps the most trusted name nationwide for HVAC products:

Quality. Carrier employs the most qualified experts in the HVAC business to design its products and come up with solutions to consumers’ specific HVAC needs. The experts at Carrier work to implement the latest technology and most robust materials to offer reliable, precise, and cost-effective system components to its customers.

Innovation. Technology has progressed rapidly in our recent history, and Carrier has always been the leading innovator in the HVAC world. The experts at Carrier master the latest in HVAC technology in order to develop cutting-edge products and work constantly to come up with new solutions to old and new HVAC problems.

Efficiency. Efficient operation is perhaps the most important aspect of Carrier. Carrier strives to maximize value to the consumer, saving your hard-earned money. Carrier knows that wasted energy is wasted money, not to mention harmful to the environment. Carrier also strives to achieve sustainability in HVAC for the future, keeping environmental stewardship a priority. Each customer should be confident that their Carrier components are working to use energy to operate in the most efficient and environmentally-friendly way possible. It’s easy to see why Carrier is the industry leader for energy savings.

Comfort. Carrier makes comfort a priority and believes that maintaining a comfortable environment in your space is the primary purpose of improving or updating your HVAC system. Consistency and quiet operation are key! Carrier products are developed to keep your home’s atmosphere consistent, while controlling humidity and operating more quietly than ever before.

Connectivity. With new HVAC technology comes the ability for precise control. Carrier offers HVAC components that integrate with your smart phone to allow you to access and control your system remotely. Furthermore, Carrier provides remote monitoring and product support around the clock.

Customization. Although Carrier makes many standard products that serve our customers nationwide, we keep in mind the individual needs of the customer. The expert technicians at Carrier are always developing ways to work with each customer to suit their HVAC needs, on their budget. We’re confident that you can find what you need with Carrier. Just visit the “Build Your Own System” section on their website or contact us, the Carrier experts, to get started!

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